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About FeedHub

FeedHub is designed to gather all your news feeds in one place. It's service to follow everything you interested in.

Our goal is to make following news easy and clear. In our hi-tech days finding something valuable is still a hard challenge. But instead of difficulty to get access to the information modern world has opposite problem. It's too many information.

In FeedHub we are trying to resolve this problem by creating a convenient news reading tool. FeedHub allows you to organise your news subscriptions. Represent them in a convenient form. And manage individual news with minimum actions.

Based on time-tested RSS technology and a modern Social APIs we created a service to follow all your news from a single place.

We're creating a product that we are using ourselves in everyday life. And we know about your needs, problems and ways to improvement. As they are the same as our own. We have lots of ideas for the development of our service and make it better every day.

Follow only important news

Control your feed line and decide what you want to be aware of.
A pleasant tool to read all your news in one place

Enjoy reading

Your news is organized and filtered. All you have to do is to enjoy a comfortable reading experience.

Read only what's important

Setup a rules to filter your news. And start reading only what matter to you.

Free of mess and headache

You don't have to go nuts over dozens of complicated interface controls. Everything is as simple as possible.

So let's join us and start using a tool that you gonna love.

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